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Lok Sabha Elections 2009

Posted by abhiitechie on May 4, 2009

I feel really pity for Bharatiye Janta Dal (BJP) this time as I dont think that they stand a chance against Congress which is the party having a vibrant bunch of young leaders and workers . The Parliament desperately needs a major youth representation and Congress provides it with leaders like Rahul Gandhi (the hearth throb of the country as we see in the News), Sachin Pilot and many more . BJP , I think has really fallen short of agendas and is just monotonously sticking to issues like unemployment and lack of job security and overall country security under Congress rule which is actually very well known to the people that this issue can be in best controll under the UPA government under the leadership of the Man (Manmohan Singh Ji). From West Bengal point of view Mamta has hit the hammer on the head just at the perfect time getting together with UPA and I really feel sorry for Left as this time they dont seem to be Right with their decision of parting ways with the UPA on such extreme illogical reason like  “Nuclear Deal with the US “(I have no idea what is wrong with them). I am a excited as ever with the Elections this time and really feel sad about the fact that I dont have my Voter ID card and not even my passport ready so that I can vote . Still I expect the citizens of the biggest democracy in the world to take the right decision as they do not always do but I am sure they will this time . JAI HIND !

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