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The Sun won’t set at NIT Durgapur !

The Sun won’t set at NIT Durgapur … I promise !

Posted by abhiitechie on April 25, 2009

As we all might have heard, Oracle has entered into an agreement to acquire Sun. While it is natural to have questions following an announcement of this magnitude, its also important to acknowledge that this is an
industry transforming event. The following excerpt from the Oracle Press Release helps to highlight this point.

“This is a fantastic day for Sun’s customers, developers, partners and employees across the globe, joining forces with the global leader in enterprise software to drive innovation and value across every aspect of
the technology marketplace,” said Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s CEO, “From the Java platform touching nearly every business system on earth, powering billions of consumers on mobile handsets and consumer electronics, to the convergence of storage, networking and computing driven by the Solaris operating system and Sun’s SPARC and x64 systems.”

Coming back to the question of what will be the future of MySQL under Oracle. I think that as long as there is a demand for a product and such a vibrant community of users and developers behind it the product will never die.

Since it is all business as usual, we should not create a huge fuss about Oracle acquiring Sun and the future of Sun Campus Ambassadorship and the Sun Academic Initiative (SAI). I think we all should focus on our respective efforts to evangelize Free Softwares and continue conducting Talks , Workshops and related Technical sessions and continue building the Talk culture in our college which has just started some times back. We should try building the best open source community in NIT Durgapur with our Sun Club and the GNU/Linux Users’ Group.

6 Responses to “The Sun won’t set at NIT Durgapur … I promise !”

  1. Kurchi said

    I completely second you on this…Being an ex-Campus Ambassador of Sun at NIT Durgapur, I understand the magnitude of changes that this program can bring about in the mindset of engineering students, who are after all, tomorrow’s developers. The integration of LUG with this kind of effort lays a concrete base to the endeavor. As developers, what we should be bothered about is the technology that we learn and use, rather than the brand that is backing it up!! Hence, this news should not bother any student, as long as they are willing to hold the flag of open source usage high!

  2. Pallav said

    The whole point of electing a campus ambassador is to familiarize ppl about the various products n platfrms dat Sun develops and to inculcate this ‘techy’ culture into d young minds. I really dont thing d mereger wud in any way affect this programme infact it wud b beneficial for oracle.. So rite now all dat needs to b done is to focus on d job in hand.. wich is 2 continue this culture n let the future take care of itself..
    in a nutshell.. “try ur best.. leave d rest”

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