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The Sun won’t set at NIT Durgapur !

No more waiting …… Its time to move on …….

Posted by abhiitechie on April 25, 2009

Hi friends , I am really sorry as it is no masala news or its nothing to do with a heart-break or something of that sort , its me moving on to just another blog . My previous blog at Sun Blogs which had become pretty much established and also got some recognition at Sun internal portals and aggregators has for some weird reasons not allowing me to log in. I waited patiently for a long time with no posts (becoz I was pretty obsessive about it), lots of service desk raised and closed during this period but nothing helped me.

So now  I think that’s enough and  its time to move on to another one and here it is. This is my first post to my new blog and looking forward to be very active in future .

Oracle acquires Sun and me being the Campus Ambassador of Sun at NITD campus has lots of questions to answer and also to prove that Open Source evangelism of Sun products in the college will not die . The next session will see lots of Talks and demos conducted in the college.

I am coming and I am coming very HARD !

2 Responses to “No more waiting …… Its time to move on …….”

  1. Hey hey…… I am happy that Blog got screwed….
    What about that 300 hits in one day Post ??? What about you ego search on Google now ?? Which planets are you going to get your blog to ??

    Anyways, I am confident that you make this a better blog than that !!!
    Best of Luck !!!


    PS: Don’t write anything about cookery 😛

  2. pavan said

    haha….. testing times….

    i guess ur no more a sun ambassador……. ur now an oracle ambassador. 😉

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